Summer Cycling Style

1. Sweat

Embrace it! Snag some waterproof mascara, toss out your aluminum-riddled antiperspirant and flaunt that dewy skin like the champion you are! Riding your bike in 100 degree heat is a sure sign that you are a boss and the world needs to know. Confidence is always your best bet when it comes to personal style!

2. Dresses/Skirts

Sure, cut-offs are a Summer staple but have you had the pleasure of feeling the breeze up your skirt on a hot day in August? It’s second only to hopping off your bike and directly into a cool lake. Bike shorts are always optional, just be sure and put on some panties to avoid that whole indecent exposure thing.

3. Sunscreen

Who likes having a peeling nose? Or a sunburned back of the neck? Slather on the good stuff – SPF 50! If you’ve got the budget, I really suggest spending a few dollars more to get a bottle of sweat-proof body sunscreen as well as a bottle intended specifically to protect your face. It will be less oily and thus far less likely to clog your pores. Even if you can’t afford both, get something! The occasional pimple is always better than skin cancer.

4. Shoes

Wear a pair that doesn’t require socks because it’s just too darn hot for those things. Scared of your shoes smelling crazy with all that sweat? Sprinkle some baking soda or Dr. Scholl’s Deodorant Powder in them at the end of the day!

5. Helmet

Look, I don’t care if sweaty helmet hair isn’t your thing. Brain damage probably isn’t your thing either. Tie your hair up in a scarf, wrap a bandana around your hairline, twist together an easy braid, get a pixie cut, or invest in dry shampoo. But for goodness sake – wear a helmet! 

— By Hillary-Anne Crosby

Olive’s Top Spring Picks

Samantha Pleet Fauna Leaf Tank & Shorts: 

I’m crazy about this tropical print from Samantha Pleet – I can’t decide if I like it better in the tank or the shorts. Despite their cropped length both pieces are insanely flattering!


Evens Sand Linen Box Top & Tiro Tiro Quarta Necklace:

I love this minimal linen top from up and coming Texas designer Evens. It feels just right for spring layering & it’ll surely keep you cool in the dog days of summer. Teaming it up with Portland jewelry favorite Tiro Tiro is just gravy.


Hey Murphy Confetti Studs:

I’ve been following Texas jewelry designer Hey Murphy’s work for ages & every time I think her work couldn’t get better it does! Her latest batch of single stud earrings is the perfect mix of minimalism & whimsy.


Baggu Leather Drawstring Bucket Bag:

Baggu can do no wrong in my eyes & their leather drawstring bucket bag is just about my favorite piece of theirs. Buttery leather, classic construction, warm caramel-y color – this bag’s a winner.


 Skargorn #61 Tee:

Skargorn tees. Skargorn tees! Skargorn teeeees! Can you tell I love these guys? Do yourself a favor & scoop up one of these USA made guys in every color. Their durable construction, easy oversized fit & nice details (hey, notched collar & ever so slightly scooped neckline) will keep them in constant closet rotation.


Ilana Kohn Sammet Dress:

Well hey there cutest floral print I’ve ever seen! Ilana Kohn, a commercial illustrator turned fashion designer, has quickly made herself a name as the go-to lady for effortless cool-girl pieces in classic cuts & whimsical prints. This dreamboat of a dress is no exception.

— By Olive owner Laura White Uhlir

How to Shop VIntage

Aged pieces require more scouting, more inspecting, and more patience to find than any others. Thrift stores are great for finding vintage pieces, but if you want to find retro pieces in good condition, a legit vintage store is your haven. Here are some tips to get the best pieces for your buck.

1. Don’t go by the label size (if there even is one)

It’s been rumored that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 – a 1950s size 12, not a 2013s. Remember: vintage clothes run small compared to today’s standards. Hold the item up to your body to get a gauge of whether it’s feasible for your body, to weed out the obviously too large and too small items, and then start trying on. The biggest takeaway: TRY IT ON. Vintage silhouettes can be vastly different from the styles of today, and it takes putting it on your body to decide if the cut works for you. Clothes look different on the hanger.

2. Look for tears and stains

Missing a button? Seam unraveling? Pants too short? Easy fix: it’s called a sewing kit and they sell them at the 99cent store so no excuses! A Dexter Morgan-esque crimson stain on that white chiffon shirt? Not so much. Spot a little dirt on the sleeve? Get some stain remover, girl. If the damage is structural (not enough fabric available to let out the hem, large tears, burn holes or excessively warm and thin fabric) you’ll have to pass. “Disintegrating” is not the same as “vintage”.

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Short Hair Don’t Care

When I was in first grade, I told my mom I wanted to cut off all my hair. Was I a 5-year-old feminist looking to rebel against all of the other girls with pretty bows and scrunchies? Maybe subconsciously. But really I was just sick of my hair getting in my mouth in gym class. I suppose I could’ve put it in a pony tail, but I had shit to do on the playground. I had no time to waste messing with my hair.

Through the years, having short hair became an emotional struggle. People mistook me for a boy constantly. I thought if I got my ears pierced, they would all realize I had a vagina. But alas, bright pink earrings don’t mean anything if your hair is short. I guess wearing clothes from the Boy’s Department threw people off, but it was still humiliating to be called “sir” and “young man.” It got to the point where I didn’t even have the energy to correct people.

My mom gave me hope with the anticipation of my future breasts. She’d push on my back to help make my boobs grow faster, promising me that no one would mistake me for a boy when they arrived. FINALLY! Finally there was something that even the most oblivious of idiots would notice. My boobs. My boobs would be my saving grace. My boobs would allow me to live the life of a girl. Because who could possibly miss two mounds attached to my chest?

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I Love Nails Y’all, Y’all

First things first: I hate manicures. My first and only manicure in 24 years occurred before my junior prom and left me with a bloody cuticle marring the bubblegum pink nail polish that I chipped before I even made it into my mother’s car. And I paid $45 for that? No, thank you.

Fast-forward 8 years to a much more serious occasion at the Texas Capitol. Women’s reproductive rights were being stripped away, national media coverage left much to be desired, and orange-colored clothing was getting harder and harder to come by. But for roughly 11 hours on June 25, 2013, Senator Wendy Davis took a stand against the dreaded SB5 and the dangers it posed to women’s rights. Already a popular state senator and a force to be reckoned with, her hot pink sneakers became an overnight sensation and she a heroine to folks around the country.

While some of us scrambled to throw together “Run Wendy Run” t-shirts or explore the possibility of “I <3 Wendy” temporary tattoos, Meghann Rosales introduced a manicure promotion featuring Wendy Davis nail decals.

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Lipstain Reviews

In the past 3 years, the beauty world has been abuzz with new products. Vibrating mascara wands, color-change makeup, and BB and CC creams have been all the rage. But my favorite trend? Lipstain. Once relegated to Benefit and Tarte, they’re now widely available at drugstores. (Hey, a girl’s got to bargain on a budget.) If you’re a busy gal or a low-key babe, lipstains are invaluable. You get the pop of color that lasts all day — hopefully. On that note, here are the winners and losers of my lipstain tests and shades to try if you pick one up.


NYC Smooch Proof 16-Hour Lipstain - $4.99

For the price, this product is wonderful. It’s perfect for ladies who want to ease into the trend without shelling out their precious booze money. It is well-pigmented and lasts around 6-8 hours without touch-ups but the shades are limited to more natural lip colors. Still, it doesn’t leave an unsightly ring around your lips as it wears off. It’s a tad drying, so layer a balm or gloss over it.

Fave shade: Forever Mine Wine was an excellent choice for trying the oxblood trend.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain - $8

This one comes in a variety of shades, which is its main selling point. It’s not particularly long lasting (maybe 3 hours) and the tube doesn’t last long. In fact, the 3 colors I’ve purchased (from different locations, mind you) have all rather dry tips upon opening. Bringing a new mascara or lipstain home to find the tube dry is like going home with a boy and discovering he has whiskey dick — major disappointment. This is the whiskey dick of lipstains.

Fave shade: Wild Berry Pink perks up your lips with a shade a bit richer than your natural color.

Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstain - $6.99

This one certainly has no problem with dryness — lots of stain comes out of that little felt tip, meaning fewer swipes over your lips. I made the mistake of being too generous and having the stain run past the corner of my lips, in a Joker-face mishap. Try dabbing it on with your fingers instead of straight from the tube, especially if you have fine lines around your mouth. While the colors aren’t as vibrant as some other brands, they do carry unusual lipstain colors others don’t like toffee and sandstone. It lasts a bit longer than Outlast, about 4-5 hours. I bought mine a year ago and it’s still trucking.

Fave shade: A Touch of Toffee gives an earthy look with a hint of berry.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain - $8.99

No complaints on color payoff here. The color is saturated and the applicator makes precise application a snap. It is one of the longer-wearing stains, hitting 6 hours of wear. Beware, this one is a little drying on the lips. To combat this problem, the stain contains a silky smooth balm at the other end. The problem? Since the balm doesn’t twist up, I consistently knock that nub of balm off!

Fave shade: Flame is a vibrant orange-red that’s more vixen than vamp.

Revlon ColorStay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain $7.50

How do I love thee, lip butter stain? Let me count the ways. Instead of being inky liquid dispensed through a felt tip, this stain comes in a solid gel-like consistency. It looks like a giant crayon and goes on like a lip balm. Your lips look creamy and slightly glossy for 5-6 hours. Lips are thoroughly stained, even after the lipstick-like consistency wears off. Lips are never dried out or tacky. It’s my go-to lip color and has lasted through many a make-out session.

Favorite shade: The Lovesick P

—By Lauren Osborn

Thrifting 101

As someone who alternately describes her style as “thrift store chic” and “quirky chic” (with more thrift store and quirk than chic), I’m always in and out of thrift stores and my favorite local vintage spots. There’s a wonderful sense of personal accomplishment that comes with scoring secret treasures from either. Shopping always leaves me giddy, but thrift and vintage shopping are a world apart from window shopping at Anthropologie or trying on the latest merch for my favorite shop girls at my favorite boutique. They’re easier on my credit card, for one, but also feel more adventurous, more personal. Even as “thrifted” and “vintage” styles have become a bit ubiquitous for us cool twenty-something girls, there’s a specialness to them and a unique wearability that gives any outfit, any personal style a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

So, here are a few tips for starting your own adventure!

1) Go in with an idea of what you’re looking for. When I go thrifting and vintage hunting, I usually make a day of it. This means treating myself to coffee and a vegan donut at a cozy little coffee shop while I pour over blogs and glossies before heading out. This way, I’m full of inspiration for what I want to wear (or who I want to be that day). Knowing what you want before you start will save you time and effort—and can keep you from getting overwhelmed. This can mean anything from taking a quick peek at a blog for a trend you want to follow, like Spring camo or chunky menswear-inspired shoes (two trends that I’m head over heels for, by the way), to taking a quick inventory of our closet to note what you’re missing. Are you ready to swap all those maxi skirts for midis? 

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Design Blogs to Follow

When I don’t know what to do with myself, and even when I know exactly what I should be doing but am not doing it, I’m looking at style blogs. No matter how frequently Scott Schulman updates, it’s not frequently enough: I check The Sartorialist as compulsively as I check my Instagram feed. Only the “Shopping/Wishlist” folder rivals the “Style” bookmarks folder on my laptop. So, when my cute, fashionable friend recently asked me which blogs I follow, I was shocked to learn that she didn’t read any. Not one. For all of you cute, fashionable girls wondering the same, here are a few of my favorites.

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The Spectrum of Foundation Cheat Sheet

Foundation can be a complicated thing. I’ve probably tried 100 foundations in my life and am constantly trying new formulas. This handy guide will give you some insight into the main types of foundation from lightest to fullest coverage showing you my favorite foundations in each category. 

Glow-Enchancing Moisturizer: Origins VitaZing SPF 15 $38 For a no-foundation look that still livens up your complexion, these types of products are your best bet. They have a self-adjusting tint that adds radiance without any coverage. They can also be used in conjunction with foundation for an added glow. Bonus points for SPF!

Beauty Balm: Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm Multi-Benefit Skin Care Makeup $32 These multi-tasking creams offer light coverage, anti-oxidant benefits and moisturization. They are perfect for girls on the go with minimal skin imperfections. (For a full run-down on Beauty Balms, check out my article, “What the F#@* is a BB Cream" from Vagina’s Fall 2012 issue) 

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Personal Styling Through Personal Connection

Laurel Kinney started her styling business, Trophy Boutique, three years ago as a blog. Today her personal style services help Austin women going through transitional periods. Whether that transition be a divorce, a new job, or recent childbirth, Laurel helps “see them through that change”.

Sure, it’s a weighty claim but take a look at her background—the woman studied psychology and received her Master’s in social work from Columbia and served in the field before making the transition to style. She feels that this kind of history helps her to form a deeper connection with her clients.

“We go through this together,” she said of her personal styling experiences.

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What The F*@% Is A BB Cream?

I received one question that I know has been irking a vast majority of the female population and it is this: WHAT THE F*#$ IS A BB CREAM?

It’s true that they have become utterly ubiquitous in the past few months and every beauty AND skincare brand has been clamoring to put their so-called beauty balm on the market. It is somewhat rare that the entire beauty community is flipped upside down by an entirely new and foreign product to the market that every one wants a piece of the share. The last time was definitely Mineral Makeup that became a staple in every beauty line when mastermind Leslie Blogdett took a tiny brand and maedit what is now bareMinerals, but I digress. I’m here to clear up the mystery of the BB Cream. 

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