Female Fantasy and Fact

“The traditional image of ‘Wife-Mother-Housewife’ is now being replaced by images of sexually assertive, confident and ambitious women who express their ‘freedom’ through consumption. Rather than the ‘Sex Object’ being one image of womanhood among several available options, increasingly all representations of women in adverts are being refracted through sexually objectifying imagery: in the boardroom and in the bedroom, in the kitchen and in the car, wife and mother or executive or pre-teenager, women are being presented as alluring sexual beings.” (Gill, R. (2007). Gender and the media. Cambridge, UK, Polity.)

I feel that this quote embodies the main principles of my photographic portrait project. It has inspired me to create photographs based on the representations of women in current society, I’m which I have explored the tension between advertisement and real life. This tension has lead me to understand the female body as a commodity and the manipulation of the female body.

—By Jemma Blundell