Your Work

Lovely Ladies,
Vagina accepts submissions always! The zine is open to all female-oriented genres and themes. This applies to poetry and prose as well. Vagina is striving to showcase the talents and opinions of ladies, not limit them. I only ask that contributors choose to identify as women, whether they have a vagina or not!
Vagina is looking for submissions in all areas. So if you have any illustrations, comics, editorials, photography, art or anything else you’d like to see in the zine, submit them for consideration! There’s no limit on how many pieces you can submit, so feel free to submit to as many areas as you have quality work for.
Submissions for the Summer ‘14 issue are due by midnight on Friday, June 30! You can email your work to Hillary-Anne (—-at—-) as a Word doc or JPEG but simply send me an email if those formats won’t work for you. If you’re sending multiple pieces, please send them all as separate files. Remember that Vagina is always accepting pieces for the website, so send in your work via email anytime!